Necessary Tech Tools for Small Businesses

With the world now virtually leveraging on technology, business is becoming more dependent on it, making investments in it and incorporating the right technology tools in the daily operations of an organisation more than necessary for the business owner.

Engaging the right technology for your business enhances data flow, tracks processes, preserves and ceaselessly updates employee records, strengthens connectivity, enhances customer support and in fact, abridges manpower and physical resources in business operations.

This is particularly so in a world that remote working has become the order of the day. Many small businesses are taking to remote working to cut costs or to optimise productivity, deploying technology tools to the effect. Such tools that are at the centre of it all and have become very effective productively for small businesses include:   

The Website:

A collection of publicly accessible interlinked Web pages that share a single domain name, a website is also designated web presence. Web presence has become more than necessary for a modern business, having your business online is highly beneficial. Not being online is not so good as it makes businesses lose out on customer base increase and close information about the business.   

Google Analytics: 

It makes it possible for you to regularly analyse traffic on your website, check and be in the know of how they come in.

A freemium web analytics service offered by Google to track and report website traffic, Google Analytics equips you with the key demographics (age, gender, etc) of visits to your site, let you into knowing devices used to view your website, the interest of visitors, how long it takes them to read your content before signing out, the network, location and a whole lot of others

Effectively analysing your analytics makes it possible for you to identify your visitors and the best way to attend to them.  

Cloud Storage:

Complaints of loss of documents are fast becoming history with cloud storage taking sway.  Cloud storage accounts are now most invaluable to businesses. The cloud computing model, which stores data on remote servers accessed from the internet or cloud, is maintained, operated, and managed by a cloud storage service provider on storage servers that are built on virtualization techniques.  Cloud storage platforms do not only help to organise and share files with ease but guide against loss of treasured documents and contents and theft or damage of laptops and phones.

Accounting/IMS Software:

Now an inevitable tool to businesses, Accounting/Inventory Management Software programmes are user-friendly and operatable by even people with little or no accounting knowledge.

The BMAC Cloud APPs/Inventory Management Service (IMS) are good examples of such. Cloud Applications are very innovative platforms that help businesses with ease to automate their processes.

With BMAC Accounting, business owners and managers can capture their transactions with ease and they are transformed into useful information to support better business decisions, regarding cash, stock and clients, among others.

The BMAC Inventory Management System (IMS) is a perfect companion for retailers and wholesalers, dealing in-stock items and has offline and online licences. There is also the BMAC Invoice APP and Mobile App. The BMAC Mobile APP for Accounting and IMS users is a big boost to remote working as it keeps the team on the same page at all times.

Generally, the Apps make running your day-to-day transactions easy.

With just a click, you keep the track of expenses, payroll, billing, sale and stock across your businesses. Get started with BMAC today.


Also highly recommended for businesses, slack makes for easy collaboration for a business team.

It’s a good tool for internal communication, particularly when working remotely as it permits teams to create specific channels of conversations, including video conferencing and alerts for specific marketing objectives.  

Online File Conversion Software:

File formats can be problematic at times most especially when it has to be done within time. That is when an online file conversion software becomes more than necessary, it’s useful anytime anywhere, it saves you a lot of time, particularly when on the road as you can change your documents into any other format you desire with a stress-free upload and download process.

Invoicing Software:

Invoice Software makes it possible for you to be paid faster and it’s necessary if you need to maintain positive cash flow for your business to continue to run smoothly. Clients only pay when voices are sent and they pay on time when sent on schedule.

Here in Nigeria, the BMAC Invoice App stands out in this regard. The innovative app is faster than paper invoices and excels a nullity. The BMAC Invoice App creates, sends and tracks invoices, which could be sent via email or WhatsApp. The Invoicing App can generate invoices automatically from inputted customer information and notify customers of their due payment, relieving you of the manual invoicing task to encourage prompt payment by customers.

Meeting and Conferencing:

Simple video conferencing has become for business every other regular business meeting as we use to have it. It is most cost-saving as it no longer requires moving and breaking your schedule to attend. Business meetings are held with simple video conferencing with people across different locations as part and remaining as productive as the usual regular meetings, it’s the perfect option for businesses in the emerging world.

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