BMAC Invoicing Application

As BMAC Invoicing Application Takes The Lead In Electronic Invoicing

Information Technology (IT) has become a soothing balm for businesses. As it races without hold, upturning and reinventing civilization every passing day, businesses and every facet of modern life are running along and improving in all aspects.

The invoice is one of such areas. A printed piece of paper is always handed out as a request or a bill for payment in a transaction by a seller to a buyer or customer. Invoices have greatly transformed lately from the mere printed paper of request for payment they have been into an online printout of many purposes.

As has been their prime purposes, along with serving as requests for payment from buyers, invoices for the business owner keep track of sales, assist to control inventory, and facilitate delivery of goods and services.

Businesses also use them to track expected revenues and manage customer relationships through such options as favorable payment offers, including extended periods for payment or discounts for early or cash payment.

Invoices list out relevant details, extending from names of vendor and customer, address, email address and phone number of the vendor, services or goods transacted, quantities, prices, date issued, invoice number, and total payment to be made.

Invoices are legally enforceable instruments, meaning that a vendor is empowered legally to use an issued invoice to obtain the sum inscribed on it as payment.

The importance of the invoice to a business owner cannot be over-emphasized. The advent of the invoice soft copy through such business applications as the BMAC Invoicing Web Application is making business more enriching for business owners, particularly in the transformation beyond a mere payment request for sales made.

An application of the BMAC Cloud Accounting Software, the BMAC Invoicing web application is designed specifically for freelancers, self-employed, and business owners who are equipped to create fast invoices online from anywhere within 30 seconds to international clients anywhere in the world.

Users can track payments in real-time – See who has paid and who hasn’t. Check the status of any invoice from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. BMAC Invoicing web application shows users due and overdue invoices and can send reminders to the clients that have probably forgotten about the payment. Users can add as many bank accounts as possible to receive payments straight into their accounts. 

BMAC Invoicing will save date and users can set up recurring invoices for customers you bill regularly, so you can focus on what matters most. Users can as well send receipts after receiving payments. 

This application also has the User-Roles feature, which allows permissions to assign specific operations to members of staff (or other system users). Through those roles, the assigned staff will require the permissions to perform particular system functions.

Most importantly, the application has a Multi-Currency feature whereby users can select between four currencies on the application. Invoices and reports can be generated in international currency.

Lastly, users can also receive payments online by activating their payment gateway via Paystack or Flutterwave. Invoices paid online will automatically be recorded as a paid invoice. To use this feature, users will have to input their Private and Public keys from any payment platform chosen. 

The BMAC Invoicing web application is reinventing sales and payment and accomplishing collaboration to stimulate growth.

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